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Download equilab 0 9 10 2

Equilab calculates how the given range will hit an undefined flop (average over all possible flops). Maybe you're curious how often does the flop have no card higher than a nine? What else does Equilab have to offer? Import hand histories from different formats. The PokerStrategy com Equilab. I have started to use Equilab a lot since I couldn't use pokerstove anymore and I noticed Might download that one too as I have heard good things about it February 6th 2014 9 25 PM K 2s Jc T A hand with a king and a 2 of spades jack of clubs or ten J T T T A jack high hand np A hand. To figure out what the best move is, analyse the opponent's entire range and how it performs on river cards. So you can call one bet on this flop as well. Equity is the chance of winning the pot in various situations and one of the basics in poker theory. 106 Free Download music playlists 8tracks radio. However, if you bet he will not call with all hands.

Contact Us BTX. Dataset on the beneficiation of a Nigerian bentonite clay. Is this really needed to be lorn becose its very hard form me im not anderstending this things so good and my english not so god. Equilab is an essential part of every poker player's arsenal. What if you had 99 instead of QQ? So now you need to figure out which river cards are good for you. 3 Poker Tools Every Tournament Player Should Use Daily. The hours put into the study of hands that seem really close will improve your game as a poker player to the next level. With the rest of his range he might very well bet first: he could bet TT and 99 for value as well as straights and 2 pairs. Image 6a: card removal and number of combinations. Equilab, please click on the button below.

Prepare your wallet and stay tuned for the next week's blog post where you'll find more reviews of poker tools that can enhance your game and experience as long as you're willing to spend some money. 2 NLH EV calculator able to compare up to 9 hands ranges to eachother and get detailed board PokerRanger is extremely similar to Equilab and basically servers the same purposes Check it out here Flop Inspector download So far zero and I m not crazy about installing windows on my mac. The PokerStrategy.com Equilab? Have you forgotten your password? Although this is one of the best boards you can possibly hit, but you can still only fold to a cbet. It will also show you how you can use the information you gain during the process to become a better poker player and make better decisions at the table. There's an app for everything these days and the tech plays a prevalent role in all walks of life. Now you can easily mark the hands you think he will call in the BB against our BU open raise. Advantages of the Power-Equilab. In image 2 you can see the range you have given him here. Keep up to date with the latest news, follow us.

The Scenario Analyser will automatically filter out the cards on which you have less than the desired amount of equity. Also, since there's no big development team behind this open source project, bugs and incompatibility issues caused by poker client updates aren't addressed nearly as quickly as they are in the case of commercial trackers. Raising is not a particularly good idea because Villain will just fold hands like overcards and even 88 and 77, so you would isolate yourself against a very strong range that crushes your equity. You can check the hand and win at the showdown.

  1. It has got me to understand a lot of situations and I have spent countless hours in it, either calculating spots in hands that I thought at the time were close, or learning about certain ranges' equity in different spots.
  2. PokerStrategy Equilab Holdem Calculator Download Review.
  3. As a coach I also use it to make ranges for my students in an easy to read format that saves them time.

Now you can get answers to all of those questions and more. Learn to play poker. Check how often you are ahead on the flop, turn and river or how often your hand hits the flop. DOUGHULL.

Download Equilab to help you learn ranges in percentage form Enter in So a cbet of 20 means he bets the flop as the pfr only 2 out of every 10 times A Cbet 0 6 red 6 9 yellow 9 16 green 16 100 orange Cbet? KQo you can just use the weight function. 1.   Power-Equilab manual? If the opponent checks to you, you should bet every turn. Write 5 news comments. Register for free and learn how to play poker! If he folds a hand on the flop, he cannot have it in his range on a later street. You should now be able to break hands down to a level where they can be evaluated objectively. Here you have 34. Do you still want to call the turn bet with A8s?

What else does Equilab have to offer?

This is a useful tool to make future hand evaluations easier and enable you to go through hands more quickly. What does that mean in terms of the fold equity you have? Maximizing Your HUD Part 4 Percentage Form and Color. The PokerVIP store has a selection of free modifications for some of the most popular poker networks like Ipoker, Microgaming, and Party. It's not exactly packed with features, but it's good at what it does and won't overwhelm new users. The smartest thinkers Learn from and with internationally successful poker pros, in our live coaching sessions and in the forum. The EV of a bluff raise. You can analyse the footage by yourself, with your study group or personal coach. At the same time we protect and get value from worse hands. This relates to the card removal effect. In addition you can select your required hand strengths to cumulate the overall percentages for made hand and draws.

Also if we check and he bets you will usually end up calling, so you will still lose one bet against all better hands regardless. It makes sense because it's blocker heavy and as long as you don't go overboard with it, everything will be fine and dandy. AA from 6 to 3 and AK from 16 to 12. Please activate the cookies in your browser. Poker is no different. This article will show you how to use the Equilab to break down scenarios to a level where they can be evaluated properly. Sign Up To Watch More. There is an error in Ex. How To Use Equilab (Free Poker Equity Calculator) YouTube. Graphical table mods can solve that issue. Gait recognition Equilab was selected the product of the year 2016 by the readers to be a good classifier for human activity recognition (see for example 4 8 9 ) A 0 2 4 6 8 10 Amplitude Spectrum Dominant frequency Figure 2 8 The dominant with Equilab downloaded was thereby placed on the rider.

Hand ranking table that you want, and there's some really useful ones there. While some programs included below might have a paid version we'll focus only on the functionality that's available to users without the need of paying anything. The Equity Trainer is another powerful tool that enables you to train your understanding and knowledge of equity in a lot of different situations. You can create different scenarios for IP and OOP play and use them selectively. The Equity Trainer now presents you with different selections of flops by taking cards from the predefined range for Hero, so you can estimate how much equity this hand has versus Villain's range. Image 8: Scenario Analyser main window. Let me give you an example on how this works. The independent variables were (Bentonite X1) (Polymer X2) (Sodium Carbonate X3) and (Aging Time X4) Sodium Carbonate g (X3) 2 4 6 8 10 23 9 0 0 0 2 18 55 5 75 2700 3 6 111 Download high res image ( 122KB) Download full size image This was purchased from Equilab solutions Nigeria. Use your predefined range for the BU vs BB scenario again here. You can also exlude some air hands from the range to be on the safe side. To adjust his range you need to open the hand selection window again (blue circle, image 1) and deselect the hands which you would expect him to fold.

AT, AJ and AQ. PT4 and HM2 before they earn enough money to buy the software they like the most. As you can see in image 3, it is assumed here he folds some overcards without draws as well as hands like 33, 44 and 55. River boxes and fair your knowledge of K9 for example on a T73 board. Mcostalba poker Poker equity calculator for 7 card GitHub. However, as always in poker: practice makes perfect. Using Equilab Poker Equity Software In 2019 SplitSuit Poker. Should you bet yourself if he checks to you? Equilab saved me a lot of time because I could not only select hands from the range by clicking them, I could actually drag the mouse while holding left click and select a wide array of hands, just like playing Snake. While this task will be fairly easy for someone familiar with computer programming it might seem intimidating for an average player. Sign up with Facebook.

Additionally there is free poker money waiting for you. To calculate the EV of a bluff raise on the flop, we need to have a look at our fold equity. List of the Strongest 10% of Poker Hands. So with a 2 river you're still ahead of all hands in his range, therefore you should definitely put in a value bet. Equilab comes with a lot of useful features and claims to include the most powerful advantages of common equity tools in one application. The right part of the slider symbolises the opponents VPIP, the left part of the slider symbolises the PFR. ATo you're way behind, but with pairs when you get a set, you're unbeatable most of the time. VPN Client Software Zyxel. Texas Holdem Top 10 Starting Hands Rakeback com. By betting you significantly limit his range and you can value bet any blank on the river.

10.1.    All in calculator

Equilab for free now. The next thing to do is to select a range for Villain. Calculate your equity with the PokerStrategy.com Equilab? Refer 1 new player. Equilator will show you that preflop, you have 76. Download the PokerStrategy com Equilab now for free The Equilab will automatically take the 10 range of hands in between and select them so you can proceed with the evaluation quickly Image 9 Scenario Analyser equity slider 0 63 04 Qs Qc Player 2 63 04 63 04 0 36 96 99 77 22 87s 76s. We now need to give Villain a range (image 10, green box).

  1. You can see the cards on the right, in ascending equity order.
  2. Calculating equity is not the most interesting features available on the website.
  3. Facing 3bet, but I'll let you guys discover that one on your own.
  4. Click for more information.
  5. You can also upload it somewhere and post for review in a strategy forum thread.

Equilab and open the Scenario Analyser. The best strategies With the correct strategy, poker becomes an easy game. Loose, Tight or Standard raise. Another option is to continue with a certain percentage of your range. It most definitely would, you're right on track. There have been 136 hands uploaded in the last 24 hours?

If your opponent calls your raise with the rest of the range, you even have some pot equity. Sims 2 Super Collection FAQ Aspyr Support. At the end of the article you can see what the answers should look like. Equity calculation tools like PokerStove and Equilab define the top 10 as 77 QTs and KQo Meaning pairs Ace Nine being the lowest suited ace to play and Ace Jack the lowest offsuit A total of 22 However against the top 5 of hands 99 is a 2 1 underdog 88 77 70 vs Download 0 Rakeback Bonus? Equilab for Android APK Download APKPure com! Development of Equine Gait Recognition Algorithm Semantic. Calculating your equity against your oppononents on each street will help you to become a better and more successful poker player. You even have 41. So we have to fold to his turn bet. Downloads. Select pre defined hand ranges or create your own. If you raise, your opponent will fold some hands. No Reviews Yet Show me offers from. Solution: The Equity graph will show you on how many flops, turns and rivers you will have a certain equity. Villain's calling range on different boards. Hand strength distribution on unknown flops. Gait recognition Equilab was selected the product of the year 2016 by the readers of the horse to be a good classifier for human activity recognition (see for example 4 8 9 ) A 0 2 4 6 8 10 Amplitude Spectrum Dominant frequency with Equilab downloaded was thereby placed on the rider. Putting it all together.

The installation process is fairly simple and choosing a correct path to your poker client might be the only possible difficulty, but everything is explained on the store page and during the installation process. Write 10 news comments. Experimenting with the parameters. Use PokerStrategy Equilab Software for Your Holdem Calculating Needs. The software goes a lot further than that, offering a lot of choices, as you can read all the tabs above. On the turn he bets out small. Getting started with the Equilab! Refer 3 new players. How to boost your skills with the PokerStrategy.com Equilab. You can either put all of these hands in manually, or you can use the suit selection tool. The next thing you have to do is enter the flop. In section 5 of this article you will find evaluation solutions. As you've just seen, you have 27. Video review is among the best forms of poker coaching and every poker player should incorporate it into his or her routine. Enter your first poker room account. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Our authors show you how to succeed, one step at a time. Entering the flop cards.

1.   Power-Equilab manual

The PokerStrategy com Equilab allows you to improve your game by calculating your chances of winning against various opponents in different situations. Best Free Poker Tools and Software Reviews and Downloads. You can immediately see which hands are influenced by the card removal as the squares of the affected hands will appear in a slightly darker blue. To do this, click the button marked with the green circle in image 1 below. Try Power-Equilab for free. How to boost your skills with the PokerStrategy com Equilab. So the key concept to take with you is that you should only reduce the opponents range and never add hands that weren't in the range on previous streets. Sign In Sign InORAlready have an account? What poker software would you like to have Run It Once. If he still has unimproved overcards, he will almost always fold to a bet. Here, it's generally better just to call the cbet because he might play on and shove hands like AQ and AK.

Try the Power Equilab PokerStrategy com. If you think he will call looser or tighter you can of course select either more hands or fewer hands. Do you want to call another bet?

  • 10 Laws of Live Poker JUST RELEASED Equilab is a poker hand range equity calculator which means it's I recommend downloading Equilab and copying the steps as we go 9 8 has 30 21 equity versus UTG's range on this board ICMIZER 2 is also a highly usable piece of software!
  • The next question is whether to raise or call.
  • Phone 49 (0) 800 20 88 40 Fax 49 E mail info equilab cl Ratastie 2 FI 01620 Vantaa Finland Phone 358 (0)9 8027 6280 Fax 358 (0)9 8027 6235.
  • Relating the Top 10% Range to Your Online Play.
  • While this might be correct in a vacuum, something should jump out at you.
  • In this way, other members and hand judges can have a look at your work and give you tips about how to improve.

It tries to combine the best features of other common equity and analysis tools on the market in one application. Calling the turn bet.

Poker mathematics tool, where you just type in the numbers and it magically gives you the solution, using the formulas that are also displayed below. The Scenario Analyser is a very powerful tool that allows you to quickly look at a lot of different scenarios depicting how a hand can and will play out in terms of your equity. Even if you enjoy the look of a certain table to begin with you can get bored of it after a couple of months of day to day grinding. Write 1 forum post. He had a 12. This is a particularly useful feature if you are trying to determine with which cards you can call a bet from Villain. Write 1 video comment. Equilab as accurate equity calculations are a must on the road to success. Development of Equine Gait Recognition Algorithm Lund. It's called Poker Query Language (PQL) and it allows you to ask virtually any question about poker you might think of. There are 187 combinations of hands, or 14.

Problem: You want to give some hands more weight in your range calculations? It only takes 1 minute to register and unlock access to unlimited poker videos. As soon as the games transitioned from the live casinos to online servers, pieces of software capable of supplementing player's experience started showing up. As a 10 year professional poker player these are the poker software tools that You can download the 30 day free trial of PokerTracker (Windows or Mac) right here 1 poker tournament winnings of all time (very recently knocked down to 2) In PokerStrategy Equilab you can do detailed hand equity analysis before. OOP and maybe take it away on later streets, OR raise him because you're getting an insane amount of folds. You can see that you do well against his range on most river cards. HUDs & the Top 10% of Hands. Flopzilla vs equilab? Several bars have appeared in the main graph, they symbolise the equity we have on each river card. What does that mean in terms of your fold equity? In other words, you call the flop to fold to further action on the turn (for example with a week hand such as AJo), making the 2nd barrel even more profitable for him, because you're throwing dead money into the pot.

The first thing you need to do is to enter your hand in Equilab. Scenario analyser: Calculate equities of possible cards on the next streets. Equilab. However, the distribution of the cards changed. So his range is likely to be quite strong. You need to activate them in order to register. What effect does this have on his range and on the equity you have against it? However, these are mostly based on fixed limit charts. Equity graphs for current street and next streets.

Buy the Power-Equilab

Use playability profiles and define your own via playability editor. Hint 1: what part of his range will Villain fold to a raise? Finally, a really nice feature of the software is that it has an equity trainer which you probably didn't know about! 10 Hand range calculator Power Equilab! Equilab will help you to add accurate and precise equity calculations to your poker game. Equilab Equestrian Tracker by Equestrian Insights Sports. Buy the Power-Equilab! All hands from your range get color coded according to their equity. Would you still want to call the turn bet with A8s? Once he bets, you know that he has one, so the next time he checks to you, you can adjust his range by excluding some value hands. So you're actually an underdog against his calling range.

To do this, click the button circled in blue (image 1). weaktight | Weaktight Blog | Best Free Poker Tools and Software - Reviews and Downloads? In image 8 you can see a slider circled in orange (bottom right). It's usually better to fold here. The equity graph will be your best friend! Your comment is too long. With AJo we have 49. While some people might find the yellow color shift strange and unpleasant most of us will be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of this small but ingenious piece of software. This can be important if you want to see how often he folds on the flop. Try the Power-Equilab. Best Free Poker Tools and Software Reviews and Downloads 10 10 Equilab is an essential part of every poker player's arsenal curious how often does the flop have no card higher than a nine 5 88A224K99 0.

Set up your free account. With the scenario analyser you can calculate potential outcomes of the next street(s), calculate river cards and calculate outcomes against multiple ranges. Best 10 Sports News Apps Bring the Best 10 Apps for News in France Get the top stories Checkout These Best Alternatives to Equilab Equestrian Tracker! All in all, I think this is a really good piece of software and that's why I'm writing this article.

  1. Problem: You want to include equity realisation factors into your range construction?
  2. The answer is: yes!
  3. This allows for example to deny your opponent auto profit spots.
  4. You only have 21.

Great, good tools if I can learn to understand them fully, then it will be very useful in my playing, thanks. Equilab suits the beginniner, intermediate and proficient poker players really well. From now on, all assumptions will directly influence the results of your evaluations.

Supports hand range selection, weighted ranges and hierarchic grouped ranges. Therefore we should rather bet the turn ourselves and get him to fold his equity share in the pot if he has Ax. Get your starting capital. Raising for a free showdown. History feature to access all previously calculated scenarios. 8 9 10 Jack If it was this simple you'd think more than 10 15 of players would be 2 fish are inconsistent with ranges and stats since they don't have a You can also download Zone history and upload it without the hand history Stuff like Equilab was banned already anyway will much change. Built in Equity Trainer for all streets. It is also the part in which people make the biggest mistakes. Solution: The Interactive weighting of combos feature will solve this for you. The Hand strength distribution on unknown flops feature will help. This is not only for No Limit Hold'em, but for Fixed Limit and Sit'n'Go and implicitly MTT's also.

There's also a feature called 'equity trainer' which asks you to estimate your equity vs. If you had 99 on the turn it would be really close.

  1. So he has 6 combinations of AA, 6 of KK and 16 of AK.
  2. So overall his betting range is still balanced in roughly the same way as his total range.
  3. FR game, and you're thinking you want to construct your opening range for this position.
  4. Preflop hand and range selection.
  5. The second option you have on the turn is to put in a small raise for thin value and a free showdown.

You do this in the same way as you would when saving ranges. Equilab shows that your equity has in fact increased; you now have 81.


Check on specific hands to make deeper analyses. Nowadays, poker enthusiasts can choose from a large selection of trackers, educational tools, and programs that make the grinding more convenient. Try Power-Equilab. Online Poker Statistics Guide Poker Copilot! Read a strategy article. As previously established, you should definitely call the opponent's turn bet in sample hand 1 because you have the equity to do so. Could be but it most likely won't be for the vast majority of players. There are no shortcuts for things that PT4 and HM2 would do for you (like installing MySQL or creating a database). This is the hardest part when you evaluate hands because there is no definite answer. Texas Holdem - Top 10% Starting Hands. The next question you need to ask is: which hands is he donk betting on the turn with?

By continuing to browse the website, you accept such cookies. So, after selecting the table, just click on OK and now it's time to decide how much do we need to open from UTG? This poker video was created by http www splitsuit com for http www thepokerbank com Download Equilab (Holdem).

  • You can either type in the amount of equity you expect to have per hand, or use the slider to adjust the number.
  • You want to add bluffs with a low weighting to your opponents range?
  • PokerStars to ban hand charts basic ones are fine automated ones.
  • Problem: Do you know on how many boards you will have a good equity?
  • Write 10 forum posts.
  • You have to watch out here that you don't fold because you think you're beaten by a pair of kings.

Texas Holdem – Top 10% Starting Hands. Write 1 news comment.

The question is how much playability do you have on different river cards? This means he folded 12. The button opening range is assigned by default, but you can change it to your needs.

  1. Equilab now for free.
  2. You can see this by the small numbers in the bottom right corner of every hand you've selected (image 6, orange circles).
  3. How to Calculate Preflop Equity in Less Than 10 Seconds com Equilab allows you to improve 9 (up since 5 10 2015) Flopzilla no longer works if PokerStars.
  4. Now you can choose from predefined scenarios or define your own ones.
  5. What if he checks the turn to you, should you bet?
  6. You can assign 8 different weights to your ranges and calculate with them.

If you opponent is capable of 2nd barreling as a bluff, you will end up folding a lot on the turn. EV in raising on the flop.

In this article, we're going to review software that you can start using right now without paying a cent! Find File Clone or download Range syntax is the usual one (from PokerStartegy's Equilab) Specific 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. Equity Trainer main window (image 10, orange circle).

  1. Image 4: range selection window with Suit selection option Image 5: suit selection window.
  2. Unfortunately you have deactivated cookies in your browser.
  3. Equilab Live with Bierbaer.
  4. 2 png If a ranged is entered in the corresponding input field a little check is not syntactical correct the background of the text field appears in red 9 png Ctrl 0 Opens the specified Hand range selection 1 Yes at startup the Power Equilab checks for available updates downloads the latest?
  5. 9 VPIP and PFR for Six Max vs Full Ring 10 Chapter 2 Unopened Preflop Raise (UOPFR) 12 What is Most online poker sites do not allow you to run Equilab while playing as it gives you an An opponent with this range has zero respect for your range of Download Poker Copilot and try it for free for 30 days?

Equilab has some interesting additional features. Notice that you can play around with the parameters of the hand without having to leave the Scenario Analyser window. 10.1.    All in calculator.

Hint 2: You can evaluate the call using the Scenario Analyser to simulate different turn cards. Hint 1: What part of his range is Villain folding to a raise? As mentioned, he'll bet top pair or better. Problem: How does every hand in your range perform against villains range? Below are two more sample hands for you to analyse. It has a HUD, you can import hands, look at your results graph etc. This is also only available in the Power Equilab version. Hint 2: to evaluate the call, you can simulate different turn carsds with the Scenario Analyser. You should try to work out the answers to the possibilities above by yourself.

10.       Hand range calculator

Solution: Create playability profiles via the built in playability editor. Or how often does our tight opponent have an overpair when we flop a pair with JT? The question on the turn is whether to raise or call the bet. You check behind on the flop, therefore the opponents range on the turn is exactly the same as his calling range preflop (assuming he never leads out on the flop). Sometimes poker room will use a color scheme that's totally impractical and makes playing long sessions difficult on the eyes. Refer 2 new players. 10.       Hand range calculator? Generally, it's easy to remember the number of combinations: offsuited hands have 12, suited hands have 4 and pocket pairs have 6 combinations (this is only true if no card is removed). VIP offers and rake races.

  1. This is especially helpful when you want to analyze your gameplan and you want to check if you don't have to fold too many flops due to low equity of your whole range?
  2. Discuss poker strategy and hands.
  3. With this you can set the minimum amount of equity want to have against the opponent's range.
  4. As you have 69.
  5. PokerStrategy Equilab is a Holdem poker calculator that is free to use and can Well let's say if you're UTG in a 9 max FR game and you're?
  6. Download the 14 day free trial version by clicking on the button below The Power Equilab is an advanced equity calculator which was built by the same?

Download equilab 0 9 10 2. PokerStrategy Equilab Holdem Calculator Download & Review - PokerVIP. It's a game changer! We live in the age of technology. UTG opening range, it's better against 8 randoms than, let's say, A7s. Equilab is a super powerful piece of poker software and it's also free the holdem version which can be downloaded using the button above! On the lookout for leaks. For more details and to change your settings, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Download Equilab apk 4 1 1 for Android 0 Reviews 0 Posts Equilab poster Equilab screenshot 1 Equilab screenshot 2 Equilab screenshot 3 Equilab!

The Equity Trainer will give you a summary of your performance and allow you to export each of the scenarios you have encountered for further evaluation. Of course if he overdoes it with the 2nd barreling, at some point you can start calling the flop bet with the intention of bluff shoving on the turn. You can still call the continuation bet because most opponents will not follow through as a bluff. The Only Poker Software You Need in 2019 Voted by Pros! You also have the option of define your own scenarios so you can target specific spots in which you want to train your knowledge of equity. Villain to bet two thirds of the pot on the river with his entire range. You've got an easy call here. This lightweight piece of software runs in the background and it makes the colours on your computer screen adapt to the time of day (which effectively results in the display getting progressively more 'yellow' as the day goes by). For example: we can save the range we gave Villain for calling our preflop open raise in sample hand 1, as this is a scenario that occurs frequently. Equilab will show you how many combinations of each hand Villain has in his range. One of them is 'scenario analyser' which can help you understand how to play on certain turn and river cards based on your hand and villain's range.

  • Write 5 forum posts.
  • Turn we have 53.
  • You should now be able to use the basic features of the Equilab to evaluate almost every situation you may encounter at a poker table.

Best Free Poker Tools and Software - Reviews and Downloads? Some of the tools reviewed below aren't strictly made for poker, but can greatly enhance your poker experience and help you become better at the game. When he checks to you, the opponent's range looks different than if he had bet. You need to look at his raising rangeas well and ask yourself how much value you can get from it immediately. Flopzilla Equilab Poker Cruncher and the like The solution key K 3 2 10 II 4 J1y ' K A 4 4 A L JL J r T 1 K A vs 9 8 V 4 4 4 outs fl 3 2 10 f 4 J v y _ 0 HE ms VS TWO Pair vs TWO Pair vs TWO PaLK? This is why I prefer Equilab Poker Software Tools CardsChat. However, once we assume he folds a hand on one street we should stick with the assumption. You only have 34. Get free access now. So once he checks he cannot have those anymore and you're more or less guaranteed to have the best hand.

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